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The first CD
Sérgio Crisóstomo, João Simas e José Miguel










This work marks the very awaited opening of At-Tambur in the records field. With this CD, the group completes a first cycle in his life and it's musical vision of the world - in this case going for melodies and ritmic variations - with a tradicional and euopean background.

At-Tambur joins violin, drumsets, hurdy-gurdy, acoustic guitar, flutes, double bass, voice and concertina creating tunes some real other imagined, some originals and some from tradicional culture.

Togheter since 1999, At-Tambur dedicated inicialy to give life to balls around eruopean folk dances - where the audience danced in rithm of the music learning and teaching several steps from various old tradicional dances.

With and along that experience, At-Tambur created a paralel project of musics adapted to be played in concerts and started to invite some voices and instruments.

Now it's presented a record inspired on portuguese and other roots; influenced by classical, ancient and jazz music, thru the creation and choice of chalenging repertoire in it's interpretation, arrangement and the gathering of it all...

At-Tambur is: Gonçalo Carneiro, João Simas, José Miguel, Sérgio Crisóstomo e Tiago Costa-Freire. In this record where invited the following musicians: Anabela Fernandes, André Ventura, Celina Piedade, José Salgueiro, Luis Sousa, Margarida Simas, Miguel Esteves e Xana Abreu.