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The Musicians
Sérgio Crisóstomo, José Miguel e Gonçalo Carneiro, João Simas

At-Tambur is made by five musicians, Gonçalo Carneiro - drums, João Simas - Guitar, José Miguel - Hurdy-gurdy and Concertina, Sérgio Crisóstomo - Violin and Tiago Costa-Freire - Flutes.

For this record the band had the cooperation of invited musicians. Friends who helped creating it's variety: Anabela Fernandes - voice in D.Fernando and D.Ângela, André Ventura - Galician Bagpipe in Arabesca, Celina Piedade - Accordion in D. Fernando, José Salgueiro - Percussions in Jig Horizonto, D. Fernando, Sanfoneiro and Sonho, Luis Sousa - Double bass, Margarida Simas - voice in Folhinha do Salgueiro and Valsa de 5 Tempos, Miguel Esteves - Bodhrán in D. Ângela and Israelita, and finally, Xana Abreu - voice in Arabesca.

Gonçalo Carneiro
Gonçalo Carneiro started his studies in drums at Hot Clube Portugal and then in Amsterdam. In At-Tambur,  Gonçalo created his own style which allows music do feel closer to the roots of the instrument and drink of many other music stiles.
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João Simas
Acoustic Guitar
João Simas had classic formation but it was mostly from Brazilian music that he found the inspiration and some of his main references. He has been developing many aspects of the band's sound and creative process, mainly in compositions and harmonization's.


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José Miguel
Husrdy Gurdy, Diatonic Accordion
His taste for traditional roots music began watching Paulo Marinho (Gaiteiros de Lisboa) teaching bagpipes. He later founded boomerang, a formation that made musical-fusion performances. Presently is a member of At-Tambur, composing and playing some of the instruments related to the traditional European roots.
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Sérgio Crisóstomo
Sérgio Crisóstomo is a classical formed violin player being responsible for some of the band's sound developing great improvisation skills and special interest on folk music, adapting it to multiple music stiles. He is presently student of violin at Lisbon's University - ESML.
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Tiago Costa-Freire
Tiago Costa-Freire made his studies in Lisbon's  Conservatory in bisel flute, developing great interest on ancient and baroque music. In At-Tambur he is responsible for many of the musical dialogs established between the flute and violin or voice making every performance of the band sound new and re-discovered.
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